1187.01   PURPOSES.
   Off-street parking and loading requirements are established within the classes of zoning districts established by Section 1161.01 to promote the general convenience, welfare and prosperity of the community. More specific purposes are:
   (a)   To relieve congestion on streets, so that they can be utilized more fully for movement of traffic;
   (b)   To promote the safety and convenience of pedestrians and shoppers by distributing car movements in the vicinity of intense car concentration;
   (c)   To protect residences from vehicular traffic congestion in adjacent business and other places of intense car concentration;
   (d)   To promote the prosperity of present and future business developments, which depend upon provisions for such conveniences; and
   (e)   To protect residents and pedestrians from the hazards created by use of the streets for parking in areas where an excessive number of vehicles are to be parked.
(Ord. 1958-56. Passed 7-28-58.)