(a)   Front yard depth for accessory off-street parking areas shall be not less than five feet.
   (b)   Accessory off-street parking areas when adjacent to a Class C or C-1 District, shall not be required to maintain a side yard but there shall be constructed bumper guards, guard rails, concrete curbs or other permanent devices to prohibit the flow of traffic from property to property except in those areas where openings for the flow of traffic have been approved by the Planning Commission.
   (c)   Accessory off-street parking areas when in Class B, B-1, C, C-1 or HB Districts and adjacent to or surrounded by Class A, B, B-1 or HB Districts shall have a ten foot side yard which shall be maintained as a landscaped area. A buffer designed to diffuse noise and light and to prohibit the passage of paper and other debris onto adjoining property shall be constructed within such ten foot side yard. The location and type of buffer, structural and landscape features such as bumper guards, curbs, walls, fences, shrubs, ground cover or hedges shall be approved by the Planning Commission. Such landscaping and structural features shall be kept clean and maintained adequately at all times.
(Ord. 1966-79. Passed 9-26-66.)