(a)   In order to designate districts for the purpose of this Planning and Zoning Code, the City is divided into the following districts:
Residential Districts
Class A Single-Family Districts
Class A-1 Two-Family Districts
Class A-2 Single-Family Cluster Homes Districts
Class B Multi-Family, Apt Districts
Class B-1 Multi-Family Parking Districts
Class HB Multi-Family, Apt High Rise Districts
SCRD Senior Citizen Residential Districts
Nonresidential Districts
Class C Commercial Districts
Class C-1 Commercial Parking Districts
Mixed Use Districts
TC-MUD Town Center Mixed Use Districts
W130-MUD West 130th Street Mixed Use Districts
N-MUD Neighborhood Mixed Use Districts
   (b)   The boundaries of such districts are established upon the map which is designated and is on file in the office of the Clerk of Council of the City. The Zoning Map covers the entire territory of the City. The key and chart containing the explanation of symbols and indications which appear on the Zoning Map are all made a part of this Planning and Zoning Code.
   (c)   No building or structure shall be erected or altered, nor shall any building or premises be used for any purpose other than a use permitted in the district in which such building or premises is located. No building shall be used so as to produce smaller yards or less unoccupied area and no building shall be occupied by more families than hereinafter prescribed for such building in the district for which it is located. No lot which is now or may be hereafter built upon as herein required may be so reduced in area so that the yards and open spaces will be smaller than prescribed by the Planning and Zoning Code.
(Ord. 2000-3.  Passed 1-25-00; Ord. 2003-15. Passed 6-9-03; Ord. 2014-30. Passed 10-14-14; Ord. 2021-5. Passed 1-25-21.)