(a)   “Accessory parking space” means an open or enclosed area, accessible from a street, with not less than 180 square feet (nine feet x twenty feet) of standing space, exclusive of drives and other accessways, for parking of motor vehicles of owners, occupants, employees, customers or tenants of the main building use, provided, however, if any automobiles are parked in line, bumper to bumper, the parking space shall be not less than 216 square feet and not less than nine feet in width and twenty-four feet in length.
   (b)   “Floor area” means the total usable floor area of all the floors excluding areas devoted to mechanical equipment, stairways, elevators, restrooms, employees' lounges, public hallways and areas used for the storage and/or packaging of merchandise and supplies, provided, however, that such excluded area does not exceed twenty percent.
   (c)   “Seat” means the number of seating spaces installed or indicated, or each twenty- four lineal inches of benches, pews or space for loose chairs or similar seating facilities; spacing of rows shall be thirty inches on center.
   (d)   “Fractional unit” means where the computation for determining the number of parking spaces results in a fractional space unit, one additional space shall be provided.
   (e)   “Side yards” and “front yards” mean the unoccupied space on the same lot between the curb indicating the limits of the parking area and the lot line.
(Ord. 1966-79. Passed 9-26-66.)