2.30.300   Public works contracts.
   Public works contracts that are not exempt from the competitive solicitation requirements under Section 2.30.360 or by Council action shall be solicited, as follows:
   (a)   Public works contracts, providing for an estimated expenditure of $85,000.00 or less, and not otherwise required to be formally bid by the Charter, shall be solicited by informal invitation for bids in accordance with Section 2.30.400.
   (b)   Public works contracts, providing for an estimated expenditure exceeding $85,000.00, shall be solicited by formal invitation for bids in accordance with Section 2.30.420.
   (c)   Article VII, Section 6 of the City Charter requires formal bidding for public works contracts funded by bonded indebtedness of the city or by assessment against particular property in Palo Alto. Section 2.30.300 requires the formal bidding of all public works contracts exceeding $85,000.00, unless an exemption is provided by Section 2.30.360 or is otherwise authorized by Council under Section 2.30.300(d).
   (d)   Design-build contracts, to the extent debt financing limitations do not apply, that provide for an expenditure of more than $85,000.00 shall be solicited by requests for proposals in accordance with Section 2.30.490. Despite any law to the contrary, the design-build method of delivery may be used for any public works contract, including, without limitation, any design-build-operate contracts, where the City Manager determines, in writing, the delivery method will best fulfill the requirements of the public works project.
   (e)   The Council may determine that a particular public works project may be solicited and contracted for by using alternate project delivery methods, including, without limitation, construction manager at risk or competitive negotiation. Any Council action authorizing an alternate project delivery method shall set forth the reasons and factual basis supporting the use of the alternate project delivery method for the project and describe the solicitation method to be used and the criteria for determining the successful bidder, to whom the public works contract should be awarded.
(Ord. 5494 § 16, 2020: Ord. 5387 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 4827 § 1 (part), 2004)