2.30.420   Formal invitation for bids – Notice, submittal, opening.
   (a)   Advertising. Contracts that must be solicited by formal invitation for bids shall be solicited by notices inviting bids by advertising the notices inviting bids on the City's website for no fewer than five days prior to the date set for receiving bids. As practicable, bids shall be solicited from a minimum of three bidders.
   (b)   Notice. The notices inviting bids shall generally describe the goods and/or services to be purchased or acquired or the public works to be constructed, identify the place where the bid proposal form, specifications and other contract documents may be obtained, and specify the date, time and place when and where bids will be opened.
   (c)   Bid Submittal. All bids shall be sealed. All bids shall be submitted at the place, and at or before the date and time, specified in the notice inviting bids. Bids received after the specified date and time shall not be accepted and shall be returned to the bidder unopened unless the opening is necessary for identification purposes.
   (d)   Bid Opening. Bids timely received shall be opened in public, at the date, time and place specified in the notice inviting bids, and the aggregate bid of each bidder shall be announced.
(Ord. 5494 § 24, 2020: Ord. 5387 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 4827 § 1 (part), 2004)