2.30.490   Design-build contract procurement procedures.
   This Section establishes the exclusive procedures for the award of wholly or partially city-funded design-build contracts, to the extent debt financing limitations do not apply, and supersedes in their entirety all statutory provisions pertaining to local agency design-build construction, as set forth in chapter 4 of part 3 of division 2 of the California Public Contract Code, Section 22160 et seq., as amended from time to time.
   (a)   Bridging documents shall be prepared by a qualified, licensed design professional, identifying the scope and estimated price or costs of the public works project and including additional requirements or information necessary to adequately describe the city's needs for the project. These may include, without limitation, the size, type, and desired design character of the project, the performance specifications covering the quality of supplies, materials, equipment, and workmanship, or preliminary plans or building layout plans. The design professional, which prepares the bridging documents, may not subsequently submit or participate in the proposal submitted for an award of design-build contract, or have any financial interest in any design-build entity or team which submits a design-build contract construction proposal or which provides the design-build services.
   (b)   A formal request for proposals may be posted and advertised in manner provided for in Section 2.30.410(a), or by targeted distribution to three or more design-build entities or teams which the Procurement Officer determines possesses demonstrated skills, experience, and financial qualifications to provide the required design-build services.
   (c)   A formal request for proposals shall comply with the requirements of Section 2.30.410(a) and shall include: the bridging documents prepared according to Section 2.30.490(a); a request for qualifications; and the design-build contract documents approved by the City Attorney as required by this chapter.
   (d)   Design-build entities and teams may be required to pre-qualify in order to be eligible to submit a proposal for the design-build project by responding to the request for qualifications in advance of the date set for the submission of proposals. The Procurement Officer may determine and will provide notice that the statement of qualifications may be submitted concurrently with the proposals.
   (e)   The design-build contract may be awarded to the responsive, responsible design-build entity or team on the basis of either the lowest lump-sum price or the 'best value' provided, as defined in the formal request for proposals. A design-build contract that is awarded on the 'best value' basis will be evaluated based solely on the selection criteria and procedures set forth in the formal request for proposals.
   (f)   The design-build contract shall require the design-build entity or team and its subcontractors of every tier to comply with the requirements of Section 22164(c) of the California Public Contract Code, as amended.
(Ord. 5494 § 28, 2020: Ord. 5387 § 1 (part), 2016)