2.16.060   Manner of appointment.
   (a)   The City Clerk shall advertise vacancies or pending vacancies in boards and commissions at least fifteen (15) days before such vacancies are scheduled to be filled. The City Clerk shall exercise his or her discretion in choosing the method of advertisement that will most effectively reach potential candidates.
   (b)   Concurrent with the advertisement of vacancies or pending vacancies on boards and commissions, the City Clerk shall publicize the application and evaluation procedures that will apply to such vacancies, including the last day on which applications will be accepted for such vacancies.
   (c)   The City Clerk may extend the deadline for applications, as necessary to ensure a sufficient number of qualified candidates.
   (d)   Applications received after the deadlines set by the City Clerk shall be held until the next regularly scheduled or special recruitment for the applicable board or commission.
   (e)   The City Council shall review all applications and shall make a final selection and appointment at a regular City Council meeting after the period for submittal of applications has expired.
   (f)   All members of boards and commissions shall take an oath of office before commencing their service.
(Ord. 5208 § 2, 2013: Ord. 5090 § 10, 2010)