General Provisions
   90.01   Keeping of hogs prohibited
   90.02   Poisonous, dangerous animals
   90.03   Keeping livestock near buildings; area requirements for livestock
   90.04   Keeping of fowl; area and sanitary requirements; declaration of nuisance
   90.05   Maintenance of premises where livestock kept; disposal of manure
   90.06   Inspection of premises
   90.07   Fowl or livestock running at-large prohibited
   90.08   Impoundment of animals
   90.09   Rabies; confinement or disposal; local rabies authority
   90.10   Exemption for land zoned Agricultural-Open Space
   90.11   Animal fighting
   90.12   Bird sanctuary
   90.13   Enforcement of chapter
Dogs and Cats
   90.25   Definitions
   90.26   Dogs running at-large prohibited
   90.27   Confinement during rabies emergency
   90.28   Barking dogs
   90.29   Maintenance of premises where dogs and cats kept
   90.30   Unvaccinated dogs or cats
Vicious Animals
   90.45   Definition
   90.46   Vicious animal declaration
   90.47   Requirements for keeping vicious animals
   90.48   Impoundment and destruction
   90.49   Notice of impoundment; hearing
   90.50   Exemptions
   90.51   Change of status; notification of Code Enforcement Officer
   90.52   Change of ownership
   90.99   Penalty