General Provisions
   201.01   Purpose and policy
   201.02   Administration
   201.03   Definitions
   201.04   Abbreviations
General Sewer Use Requirements
   201.20   (Reserved)
   201.21   Prohibited discharge standards
   201.22   National categorical pretreatment standards
   201.23   State pretreatment standards
   201.24   Local limits
   201.25   City of Palm Bay right of revision
   201.26   Dilution
Pretreatment of Wastewater
   201.40   Pretreatment facilities
   201.41   Additional pretreatment measures
   201.42   Accidental discharges/slug discharge control plans
   201.43   Hauled wastewater
   201.44   Dental amalgam program
Individual Wastewater Discharge Permits
   201.60   Wastewater analysis
   201.61   Individual wastewater discharge permit requirement
   201.62   Individual wastewater discharge permitting–Existing connections
   201.63   Individual wastewater discharge permitting–New connections
   201.64   Individual wastewater discharge permit application contents
   201.65   Wastewater discharge permitting
   201.66   Application signatories and certifications
   201.67   Individual wastewater discharge permit decisions
Individual Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance
   201.80   Individual wastewater discharge permit duration
   201.81   Individual wastewater discharge permit contents
   201.82   Permit modification
   201.83   Individual wastewater discharge permit transfer
   201.84   Individual wastewater discharge permit revocation
   201.85   Individual wastewater discharge permit reissuance
   201.86   Regulation of waste received from other jurisdictions
Reporting Requirements
   201.100   Baseline monitoring reports
   201.101   Compliance schedule progress reports
   201.102   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   201.103   Periodic compliance reports
   201.104   Reports of changed conditions
   201.105   Reports of potential problems
   201.106   Reports from unpermitted users
   201.107   Notice of violation/repeat sampling and reporting
   201.108   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   201.109   Analytical requirements
   201.110   Sample collection
   201.111   Date of receipt of reports
   201.112   Recordkeeping
   201.113   Certification statements
Compliance Monitoring
   201.120   Right of entry: inspection and sampling
   201.121   Search warrants
Publication of Users in Significant Noncompliance
   201.130   Publication of users in noncompliance
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   201.140   Notification of violation
   201.141   Consent orders
   201.142   Show cause hearing
   201.143   Compliance orders
   201.144   Cease and desist orders
   201.145   Administrative fines
   201.146   Emergency suspensions
   201.147   Termination of discharge
Judicial Enforcement Remedies
   201.160   Injunctive relief
   201.161   Civil penalties
   201.162   Criminal prosecution
   201.163   Remedies nonexclusive
Supplemental Enforcement Action
   201.180   Penalties for late reports
   201.181   Performance bonds
   201.182   Liability insurance
   201.183   Payment of outstanding fees and penalties
   201.184   Water supply severance
   201.185   Public nuisances
   201.186   Contractor listing
Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations
   201.200   Upset
   201.201   Prohibited discharge standards
   201.202   Bypass
Wastewater Treatment Rates (Reserved)
Fats, Oil, and Grease
   201.240   Grease, oil, and gross particle separators interceptor regulations
Private Lift Stations
   201.260   Purpose
   201.261   Unauthorized connections unlawful
   201.262   Permit application requirements and fees
   201.263   Documentation and reporting requirements
   201.264   Monitoring requirements
   201.265   Pump station operation and repair
   201.266   Maintenance requirements
   201.267   Enforcement
Miscellaneous Provisions
   201.280   Pretreatment charges and fees
   201.281   Permit fees and other charges
   201.282   Confidential information