(A)   Rules of evidence - The formal rules of evidence or procedure shall not apply to hearing officer proceedings, except to the extent required by the hearing officer.
   (B)   Errors - No action of the hearing officer shall be held void or invalid or be set aside on the grounds of the improper admission or rejection of evidence, or by reason of any error, irregularity, informality, neglect or omission (“error”) as to any matter pertaining to applications, notices, findings, records, hearings, reports, recommendations, or any matters of procedure whatever, including, but not limited to, those included in this section, unless after an examination of the entire case, including the evidence, the reviewing body shall be of the opinion that the error complained of was prejudicial, and that by reason of such error the party complaining or appealing sustained and suffered substantial injury, and that a different result would have been probable if such error had not occurred or existed.
(`64 Code, Sec. 17.1-14) (Ord. No. 2475)