(A)   Prior to or at the time of agreeing to rent space to a new resident in a park, the owner shall provide each prospective resident with a copy of this chapter as currently in effect and a copy of any resolutions of the city council implementing the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   (1)   Before any prospective purchaser of a mobile home in the park signs a rental agreement, a lease for 12 months or less, or a long term lease exempt from the provisions of this chapter, the park owner shall give the prospective purchaser a copy of this chapter as currently in effect and any resolution of the city council adopting implementing regulations and shall have the prospective purchaser sign a statement acknowledging that the prospective purchaser has received a copy of this chapter and is aware that this chapter regulates space rent increases for all spaces not subject to long term leases exempt from local rent stabilization.
      (2)   For all long-term leases, the signed statement shall be remitted to the director by the park no later than 30 days after signing and maintained by the city and be available for inspection.
(`64 Code, Sec. 17.1-19) (Ord. No. 2475)