(A)   Determination of services - On October 1, 1991, or on such later date as is allowed by the director, the owner shall file with the director a notice of services provided which shall list all the services that the owner then provides to the residents of the park. Any reduction or deletion in services or utilities (or conversion of such service or utility to a separately billed item) by the owner shall be permitted only in accordance with the procedures established by resolution adopted by the city council.
   (B)   Effect of reduction in service - The owner shall deduct the monthly cost for a reduced or deleted or separately billed service or utility from the monthly space rental effective the month that the reduction, deletion, or separate billing occurs.
   (C)   Hearing officer review of services -
      (1)   Residents shall have 35 days from the date that a notice of an owner's application for a space rental adjustment or notice to reduce or delete services is mailed to file a protest with the director to the adjustment based on the owner's reduction or deletion of services within the park since the last adjustment.
      (2)   The hearing officer shall review the services which the owner provided at the time of the last space rent adjustment and determine if those services are continuing. If an owner deleted or reduced a service after the last adjustment, the hearing officer shall have the power to reduce the pending adjustment by the amount saved by the owner due to the deletion or reduction. The hearing officer shall decide the issues in dispute. Within 35 days from the completion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall issue a written decision on the space rent adjustment and protest.
(`64 Code, Sec. 17.1-13) (Ord. No. 2475)