(A)   Every agenda for regular meetings shall provide, before undertaking regular business, an opportunity for members of the public to directly address a policy body on items not appearing on the agenda or for non-action items, such as the ceremonial calendar, city manager reports, or city council business. The city council agenda shall provide up to 30 minutes for this use. If the number of speakers interested in speaking under "Public Comment: Non-Agendized/Non-Action Items" exceeds the 30-minute period, additional time will be made available at the end of the meeting.
   (B)   A policy body shall not abridge or prohibit public criticism of the policy, procedures, programs or services of the city, or of any other aspect of its proposals or activities, or of the acts or omissions of the policy body, on the basis that the performance of one or more public employees is implicated, or on any basis other than reasonable time constraints adopted.
   (C)   Every agenda for regular or special meetings at which action is proposed to be taken on an item shall provide an opportunity for any member of the public to directly address the policy body concerning that item before the policy body takes action. Public comments on closed session items shall be taken before the closed session is convened. The presiding officer of any policy body may request speakers representing similar views to designate a spokesperson in the interest of time.
   (D)   To facilitate public input, any agenda changes or continuances shall be announced by the presiding officer of a policy body at the beginning of a meeting, or as soon thereafter as the change or continuance becomes known to such presiding officer.
   (E)   All staff reports, presentations, and comments from parties with a direct connection to the agenda item will be presented before the public has an opportunity to speak so as to provide the fullest opportunity for public input on all issues before the board, commission or council. City council comments on the agenda item shall take place after public comments on the agenda item.
(Ord. No. 2948)