The following words and phrases as used in this section are defined as follows:
   (A)   AGENDA - A document that informs the public about a meeting, published in advance of the meeting, which at a minimum: (i) identifies the policy body conducting the meeting; (ii) specifies the time and location of the meeting; and (iii) lists each item of business to be discussed or transacted and describes the proposed action for such item.
   (B)   AGENDA PACKET - A complete set of materials that includes the agenda and its relevant supporting documents.
   (C)   BROWN ACT - California Gov’t Code Sections 54950 et. seq., as those sections may be amended from time to time.
   (D)   CLOSED SESSION - A meeting or portion of a meeting that begins with a public comment period, followed by a session that excludes the public as permitted by state law, and ends with an open session at which a public report is made to the extent required by State law.
   (E)   MEETING - Shall have the same meaning as defined in Section 54952.2 of the California Gov’t Code.
   (F)   POLICY BODY - Shall have the same meaning as "legislative body" as defined in Section 54952 of the California Gov’t Code unless the definition in this section applies to a broader range of boards, commissions, committees or other bodies, and shall include the following:
      (1)   The city council;
      (2)   Any other board enumerated in the city code;
      (3)   Any board, commission, committee, or other body created by ordinance or resolution of the city council;
      (4)   Any committee or body created by the initiative of a policy body as a whole;
      (5)   Any standing committee of a policy body irrespective of its composition; and
      (6)   Any committee consisting of city employees that was established by city council ordinance or resolution that specified that the meetings of such committee were to be open and public.
   (G)   SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - All documents, regardless of form, medium or author, that are provided to members of a policy body for their use in considering agenda items for a meeting.
(Ord. No. 2948)