(a)    A City officer or employee charged with the enforcement of the Oxford Codified Ordinances may issue a notice of civil offense and civil fine to a person found to have committed a civil offense.
   (b)    A notice of a civil offense and civil fine must advise the person served:
      (1)   Unless a written answer is filed or the civil fine paid within 10 days from the date of the notice, fine will double;
      (2)    That a hearing will be held if requested;
      (3)   That failure to appear at a requested hearing will be considered an admission of the civil offense;
      (4)   That all available collection remedies and costs of collection will be pursued in the event the civil fine and delinquent charges are not paid;
   (c)   A notice of civil citation and civil fine:
      (1)    Must state the date that the notice is issued;
      (2)   Must identify the person being charged if known to the issuing officer or employee, or alternatively describe the vehicle, object or property that is the location or object giving rise to the civil citation;
      (3)   Must indicate the offense charged, the civil fine for the offense and the date, time and location of the offense charges;
      (4)   Must be signed and attested to by the issuing officer or employee;
      (5)   If the person charged is present, the issuing officer or employee shall personally serve the person charged with a copy of the notice;
   (d)   The following shall apply to all residential property to be used as rental property in the City of Oxford:
      (1)   Rental property owners shall designate an individual to be contacted by the City in the event of civil citation.  This may be the property owner or a designated local agent; and,
      (2)   Rental property owners who desire to designate an agent must record the agent's telephone number and email (if any) with the City.  If no agent is designated the rental property owner shall be the designated contact person.
   (e)   The issuing officer or employee must serve the notice of civil offense and civil fine in one of the following manners:
      (1)    Notice may be served personally on the offender;
      (2)   If the notice involves a civil citation which occurred on or immediately adjacent to the real property owned, occupied or controlled by the person being charged, the notice may be constructively served by posting a copy of the notice in a conspicuous location on the real property and by mailing a copy of the notice to said person by First Class U.S. Mail; or
      (3)   If the notice relates to an offense involving a motor vehicle, the notice may be constructively served by posting a copy of the notice on the motor vehicle and by mailing a copy of the notice to the person responsible for the offense by First Class U.S. Mail.
         (Ord. 3100.  Passed 12-15-09.)