(a)       A person who violates a standard of conduct set forth in a section or chapter of the Oxford Codified Ordinances listed below is liable for the civil fine specified in Section 507.02.
*     311.03         Toy Vehicles on Streets
*     311.04         Use of Streets for Amusement, Play or Sports
*     313.05        Pedestrian Control Signal
*     331.12C     U-turns Restricted
*     331.42A&B  Littering from Motor Vehicle
*     331.43A     Wearing Earplugs or Earphones Prohibited
*     335.10         Expired Plates
*     337 Chapter     Safety and Equipment
*     339.08C     Loads Dropping or Leaking, Removal Required; Tracking Mud
*     371.01B     Right of Way in Crosswalk (Pedestrian Action Creating  Hazard)
*     371.03A,C.D   Crossing Roadway Outside of Crosswalk, Diagonal Crossings at Intersections
*     373.06A     Lights & Reflectors on Bicycles; Brakes
*     373.07A     Riding Bicycles on Right Side of Roadway; Obedience to Traffic Rules; Passing
*     373.08         Bicycle Riding; Rollerblading and Skateboarding Riding Regulations
*     373.11A     Paths Exclusively for Bicycles
*     505.01A-D     Dogs and Other Animals Running at Large
*     505.03        Annual Registration of Dogs
*     505.09     Barking or Howling Dogs
*     505.15A1,2,3   Dog Nuisances
*     505.16      Feeding of Wildlife Prohibited
*     509.10      Noise Restrictions
*     509.13      Nuisance Party Regulations
*     Chapter 521    Health, Safety and Sanitation 
*     529.07      Open Container Prohibited
*     Chapter 725     Taxicabs
*     Chapter 729    Vendors and Solicitors
*     921.42      Tampering
*     921.43      Unlawful Hydrant Use or Connections
*     931.08      Scavenging on Private Premises
*     1151.04     Signs on Public Property
*     1511.05   Open Burning; Recreational Fires; Portable Outdoor Fireplaces
*     1519.04     Fireworks - Possession, Sale or Discharge Prohibited
   (b)     A City officer or employee of the Oxford Police Department or Public Safety Assistant charged with the enforcement of the Oxford Codified Ordinances may as authorized issue a civil citation, a uniformed traffic citation or a misdemeanor citation for a violation of any section listed in this Section, depending on the type of offense and the totality of the circumstances.
(Ord. 3420.  Passed 8-1-17.)