(a)     A person who violates a standard of conduct set forth in a section or chapter of the Ohio Fire Code listed below or Chapter 1511 of the Oxford Codified Ordinances entitled Open Burning is liable for the civil fine specified in Section 507.04
*  107.6            Overcrowding
*  110                Unsafe Buildings
*  308.1.6.3      Sky Lanterns
*  308.4.1          Open Flame in Group R-2 Dormitories
*  315.3.2          Means of Egress
*  901.8            Removal of or tampering with equipment
*  1031.2          Reliability of required exits
*  Rule 56        Explosives and fireworks
   (b)   A City officer or employee of the Oxford Fire Department charged with the enforcement of the Oxford Codified Ordinances may as authorized issue a civil citation or a misdemeanor citation for a violation of any section listed in this Section. 
(Ord. 3554.  Passed 3-3-20.)