Whenever an officer charged with the enforcement of the Oxford Codified Ordinances is satisfied that a provision that officer is charged to enforce, or a law in force in the City applicable to the same subject matter, has been violated or is about to be violated, or that an order or direction made in pursuance of the enforcement of this Chapter has not been complied with, or is being disregarded, and whenever that officer is satisfied that civil proceedings are necessary for the enforcement of the Oxford Codified Ordinances or laws, to restrain violations thereof, that officer may apply to the Law Director, who is authorized to institute civil proceedings.  Civil proceedings may be brought in the name of the City, and may include, among other things, claims for injunction, mandatory relief, restraining orders, damages, the appointment of a receiver, and such other relief as may be allowed in law or equity.  Institution of civil proceedings does not exclude criminal proceedings as authorized by the Oxford Codified Ordinances or charging a person with a civil offense as authorized by this Chapter.
(Ord. 3100.  Passed 12-15-09.)