507.07  HEARINGS.
   (a)    A person who denies the commission of a police or fire civil offense may request a hearing before a hearing examiner.  The request shall be filed with Safety Department's Office of Administrative Hearings, which shall set a date for the hearing and notify the person, in writing, of the date, time and location of the hearing.  The hearing will be informal, but all testimony shall be under oath.
   (b)    All hearings shall be scheduled within ten (10) days and will be held at the next regularly scheduled hearing date not less than 10 days after the date scheduled.  Any hearing date may be modified if such modification is requested by the person charged and approved by the hearing examiner.  The request can be made at the onset of the hearing, or prior to the hearing by submitting a Request for Hearing Continuance to the Safety Department's Office of Administrative Hearings.
   (c)    The hearing examiner shall enter into the record of the proceedings the notice of the police or fire civil offense and civil fine, the filing of or failure to file an answer, the substance of the answer, a finding of liability, the civil fine due, payments, delinquency and collection charges, and other relevant information.
   (d)    The hearing examiner shall issue a decision and make findings of fact from the record and conclusions of law in support of the decision at the conclusion of the hearing.  The findings and conclusions shall demonstrate that the decision is consistent with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and the interest of justice.  Any unpaid civil fine is due and must be paid within ten (10) days after the date of the hearing examiner's decision.
(Ord. 3100.  Passed 12-15-09.)