General Provisions
   32.01   Town employees/Volunteer Fire Department members
   32.02   Reimbursement for milage
   32.03   Reimbursement for expenses
   32.04   Public Employees’ Retirement Fund
Personnel Policy
   32.15   Scope
   32.16   Town Council
   32.17   Employee responsibilities
   32.18   Hiring and promotions
   32.19   Hours of employment
   32.20   Holidays
   32.21   Vacations
   32.22   Other time off; leave
   32.23   Discipline, dismissal, or discharge
   32.24   Grievance procedure
Drug Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy
   32.35   Policy statement
   32.36   Purpose
   32.37   Abbreviations and definitions
   32.38   Applicability
   32.39   Prohibited conduct
   32.40   Prescription medication and/or other medication use
   32.41   Refusal to test
   32.42   Types of tests
   32.43   Controlled substance testing protocol
   32.44   Split specimen testing protocol
   32.45   Alcohol testing protocol
   32.46   Educational materials
   32.47   Disciplinary procedures
   32.48   Substance abuse evaluation, rehabilitation, return to duty and follow-up testing
   32.49   Mandatory and voluntary disclosure
   32.50   Confidentiality and release of information
   32.51   Responsibility
   Appendix A:  Designated personnel and service agents
   Appendix B:  Covered positions
   Appendix C:  FMCSA covered employees certificate of receipt
   Appendix D:  PHMSA covered employees certificate of receipt
Editor’s Note:
The Employee Education and Employee Assistance Program Information packet that was prepared by Midwest Toxicology Services, LLC can be looked at for further information about the PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration) DOT drug and alcohol testing program.