Collocated small wireless facilities shall, in addition to the requirements of section 7-19-5 of this chapter, meet the following design standards:
   A.   To the maximum extent practicable, all small cell facilities, associated equipment and cabling shall be completely concealed from view within an enclosure.
   B.   Where equipment cannot reasonably be incorporated into the base of the authority pole in accordance with subsection 7-19-5A5 of this chapter, it may be installed within:
      1.   An equipment enclosure mounted to the authority pole; or
      2.   A ground-mounted cabinet physically independent from the authority pole.
   C.   Equipment enclosures mounted to an authority pole:
      1.   Protrusion: Shall not protrude more than eighteen inches (18") beyond the face of the pole to the outermost portion of the enclosure.
      2.   Installation: Should be installed as flush to the pole as practical. In no case shall an enclosure be installed more than four inches (4") from the wireless support structure pole.
      3.   Multiple Enclosures: Where multiple enclosures are proposed on a wireless support structure pole, the enclosures shall be grouped as closely together as possible on the same side of the pole.
      4.   Enclosure Size: Small wireless facility equipment enclosures should be the smallest size practicable to house the necessary facilities and equipment.
      5.   Enclosure Shape: Small wireless facility equipment enclosures shall be cylindrical or rectangular in shape, and should generally be no wider than the maximum outside diameter of the pole to which it is attached, to the maximum extent possible.
      6.   Attachment: The shroud enclosure shall be securely strapped to the wireless support structure pole using stainless steel banding straps. Through-bolting or use of lag bolts on publicly-owned wireless support structures is prohibited.
(Ord. 2018-27, 8-28-2018)