A.   When Permit Required: An applicant shall obtain a permit prior to:
      1.   Collocating a small wireless facility in a public right-of- way;
      2.   Installing a new, modified, or replacement utility pole, authority pole or stand-alone pole associated with a small wireless facility in a right-of-way; or
      3.   Permanently removing a small wireless facility.
   B.   Agreements: The City will not provide a permit to a wireless provider until the wireless provider and City have first entered into a master license agreement, and, if required, a franchise agreement.
   C.   Exceptions To Permitting: Unless the work requires the closing of sidewalks or vehicular lanes in the public right-of-way, an application for a permit is not required for:
      1.   Routine maintenance of a small wireless facility or support structures for a small wireless facility;
      2.   The replacement of one small wireless facility with another small wireless facility of substantially similar or smaller size;
      3.   The installation, placement, operation or maintenance of a micro wireless facility that is strung on a cable between two (2) existing utility poles in compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code; or
      4.   Non-substantial modifications.
   D.   Notice: A wireless provider shall give notice to the City of an activity described in subsection C of this section at least five (5) business days prior to conducting the activity.
(Ord. 2018-27, 8-28-2018)