A.   Applications for the installation or collocation of a small wireless facility shall be filed with the City Engineer on a form or forms to be furnished by the City Engineer.
   B.   All applications shall contain the following:
      1.   The application form shall be signed by the applicant or its authorized representative;
      2.   The name, address, telephone, facsimile number, and email address of the applicant. Where an applicant is not the owner of the utility pole to be installed, maintained or repaired in the public way, the application also shall include the name, address, telephone, facsimile number and email address of the owner;
      3.   A description of the location, purpose, method of the proposed work, and surface and subsurface area to be affected;
      4.   A plan showing the dimensions of any excavation and the facilities to be installed, maintained, or repaired in connection with the work, and such other details as the City Engineer may require;
      5.   Construction drawings which demonstrate the application meets the minimum requirements of this chapter, including:
         a.   A scaled site plan, rendering or photo simulation, scaled elevation view and other supporting drawings and calculations, showing the location and dimension of all improvements; and
         b.   Sufficient information to determine compliance with the standards and requirements of this chapter, specifically including information concerning structure height and location within the right-of-way, compliance with the City's intersection and driveway sight distance standards, and compliance with the ADA;
      6.   The appropriate application fee as set forth in subsection 7-19-12B of this chapter;
      7.   An affidavit or attestation that the applicant or, if the applicant does not provide wireless services, a wireless service provider will provide wireless service using the small wireless facility and that the installation or collocation of the small wireless facility shall be completed within two hundred seventy (270) days after the day on which the City issues a right-of-way permit except in the case that:
         a.   The City and the applicant agree to extend the two hundred seventy (270) day period; or
         b.   Lack of commercial power or communications transport infrastructure to the site delays completion;
      8.   If the applicant does not provide wireless service to an end user associated with the small wireless facility or facilities to be installed, maintained, or repaired, the applicant must demonstrate in a form and manner specified by the City Engineer that the applicant is authorized to act on behalf of a wireless service provider;
      9.   An affidavit or attestation that each proposed small wireless facility, pole, and associated equipment is eligible for an exemption from environmental or historical assessment under 47 CFR 1.1312(e) or, if not exempt, evidence of compliance with such required assessment;
      10.   An affidavit or attestation from a Utah licensed engineer that the proposed wireless facility will be in compliance with the radio frequency emissions limits established by the FCC;
      11.   The proposed start date of work;
      12.   The proposed duration of the work, which shall include the duration of the restoration of the right-of-way physically disturbed by the work;
      13.   Written certification that all material to be used in the work and restoration of the right-of-way, will be on hand and ready for use so as not to delay the work and the prompt restoration of the public way;
      14.   For an application that proposes collocation of the small wireless facility:
         a.   An industry-standard pole load analysis indicating that the structure on which the wireless facilities will be mounted will safely support the load;
         b.   Evidence that the applicant has permission to collocate the proposed small wireless facility on the pole; and
         c.   If a small wireless facility cannot be safely installed on the respective structure, the applicant shall either replace the structure with a compliant structure of the same type, or propose a new location;
      15.   For an application that proposes use of a decorative pole or placement of a small wireless facility in a design district or historic district, a copy or other documentation that the applicant has complied with section 7-19-8 of this chapter;
      16.   Written certification that the applicant and the wireless service provider are in compliance with all terms and conditions of this chapter, the orders, and all applicable rules and regulations of the City Engineer, and that the applicant and owner are not subject to any outstanding assessments, fees or penalties that have been finally determined by the City;
      17.   Evidence of insurance as required by either section 7-5-13 of this title or the applicable agreement with the City;
      18.   Certification of the applicant and owner's financial ability to compensate the City for the use of the public way during the term of the respective franchise agreement or master license agreement;
      19.   Any other information that may reasonably be required by the City Engineer.
   C.   After an application has been approved, the applicant shall obtain any required permits, including right-of-way, excavation or electrical permits, prior to commencing installation or construction of the small wireless facility.
(Ord. 2018-27, 8-28-2018)