(A)   General. No building, structure or premises shall hereafter be used or occupied, except in conformity with the use regulations herein specified for the district in which it is located; provided that legal nonconforming uses shall be subject to the provisions of § 156.041 of this chapter, and uses permitted as exceptions in planned unit developments shall be subject to the requirements for such uses established in the ordinances approving such planned unit developments.
   (B)   Synonymous uses. When a use is not specifically listed in the sections devoted to permitted uses or special uses, it shall be assumed that such use is hereby expressly prohibited. Whenever a proposed use is synonymous or nearly synonymous with a permitted or special use allowed within the zoning district, the Director of Community and Economic Development may allow the proposed use without a requirement that the specific terms of this chapter be amended.
   (C)   Principal structures. Only one principal structure, along with permitted accessory structures, shall be constructed upon a single subdivided lot or an unsubdivided parcel of land, except in a planned unit development. Notwithstanding this division, more than one principal structure shall be permitted on a lot or parcel of land owned or operated by a local governmental unit, on a lot or parcel of land operated as a self-storage business, and for an above ground service facility that is located and constructed in accordance with § 156.051.
   (D)   Temporary construction buildings and trailers. Temporary buildings and trailers for construction purposes are allowed for a period not to exceed such construction if they are located on the same lot where such construction is being undertaken or a contiguous lot thereto, and are not located within 50 feet of the lot line of an off-site residential use.
   (E)   Lot division. No lot containing a use or structure shall hereafter be divided or otherwise modified in order to transfer ownership or establish a new principal use thereon, unless each lot, including the lot containing the use or structure resulting from such division or modification, shall comply with all bulk regulations as required in this chapter for the district in which the lot is located.
   (F)   Voting places. The provisions of this chapter shall not be so construed as to deny the temporary use of any property as a voting place in connection with a municipal or other public election.
(Ord. 07-13, passed 10-9-07; Am. Ord. 07-38, passed 2-26-08; Am. Ord. 22-24, passed 8-23-22) Penalty, see § 156.999