New buildings, structures and additions to buildings and structures. All new buildings, structures and additions to buildings and structures shall be erected, raised, moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarged or altered only in conformance with the bulk regulations established herein for the district in which each is located; provided that legal nonconforming buildings and structures shall be subject to § 156.041 of this chapter, and planned unit developments and properties for which variations have been granted shall be subject to the bulk requirements established in the ordinances approving such planned unit developments and variations; and further provided that in Single-Family Residence Districts, a lot which was of record at the time of adoption of this chapter, may be used for a single-family residence even though it does not meet the requirements of this chapter as to lot area and lot width, so long as the residence conforms with all other bulk regulations of the Single-Family Residence District.
(Ord. 07-13, passed 10-9-07) Penalty, see § 156.999