(A)   Access to public street. Every principal building hereinafter erected shall be on a lot which adjoins a public street or a permanent easement of access to a public street. Where a lot with a business zoning classification is a through lot or a corner lot, and where access from one of the streets would allow ingress and egress into a residential district, said access into the residential district shall be prohibited.
   (B)   Access to arterial street. A permit from the appropriate jurisdiction controlling an arterial street or a major collector street, as designated in the city’s comprehensive plan, shall be required for any driveway or access road leading onto or from such arterial or major collector street, and a copy of such permit shall be provided to the city’s Director of Community and Economic Development as part of any application for a building permit or zoning relief for which the plans include such a new driveway or access road.
(Ord. 07-13, passed 10-9-07; Am. Ord. 22-24, passed 8-23-22) Penalty, see § 156.999