(A)   Permitted use. Private outdoor swimming pools shall be permitted as an accessory use, provided they conform with the provisions of this and other applicable ordinances of the city.
   (B)   Protective fence. Every outdoor swimming pool constructed or maintained within the city shall have a protective fence. The requirements for this fence shall be as follows:
      (1)   All gates or doors providing access to such outdoor pool shall be self-closing and self-latching with latches placed at least 42 inches above the ground.
      (2)   The fence shall be of at least 11 gauge wire mesh, wrought iron, wood, stone, concrete, brick or other materials, or combination thereof approved by the Director of Community and Economic Development. An accessory building may be employed as part of such enclosure.
      (3)   There shall be no openings or gaps in such fence larger than six inches, except for doors and gates.
      (4)   The protective fence shall be no less than four feet in height, no more than six feet in height, and must be located not less than four feet from the pool.
      (5)   An outdoor pool shall be allowed without a surrounding fence provided that the pool design includes a barrier that is permanently attached around the entire pool as part of the structure of the pool, and provided that said barrier extends 30 inches or more above the top of the pool deck and rim and otherwise meets the specifications of a fence hereinabove described; and further; provided that a fence no less than six feet in height shall be constructed so as to enclose the entrance to such a pool, and that such fence encloses an area at least four feet from any entrance ladder or similar facility used for entrance to such a pool.
   (C)   Outdoor pool permit. Application for a outdoor pool permit allowing the construction or installation of an outdoor pool shall be made in writing to the Director of Community and Economic Development. No such outdoor pool shall be constructed or installed without the approval of an outdoor pool permit by the Director of Community and Economic Development.
(Ord. 07-13, passed 10-9-07; Am. Ord. 22-24, passed 8-23-22) Penalty, see § 156.999