The Director of Law is hereby authorized and directed to enter into contracts with other municipalities in the County for the purpose of providing prosecution services with regard to cases which arise in and are the responsibility of such other municipalities. Each contract shall contain the following minimum required provisions:
   (a)   No prosecution services shall be made available by the Director when, in his or her opinion, such services will in any way hinder or otherwise impede the services which are required of the Director for the prosecution of those matters in the County Municipal Court arising within the City and the unincorporated portions of the County.
   (b)   The Director shall provide, in each and every contract with another municipality, for a method by which the Director may withdraw from any prosecution on behalf of another municipality when, in his or her judgment, the Director believes that the prosecution of such a. case would constitute a conflict of interest or an impediment to the fulfillment of his or her duties and responsibilities to the City.
   (c)   In exchange for prosecution services provided by the Director, other municipalities which choose to avail themselves of such services shall pay a fee to the City in an amount not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per man-hour for the preparation and presentation of any prosecution.
(Ord. 81-20. Passed 2-17-81.)