16.98.070 Preliminary Submittal.
The subdivider shall submit prints of the final map to the city engineer for checking. The preliminary prints shall be accompanied by the following data, plans, reports, and documents in a form approved by the city engineer and, where applicable, the city Attorney:
   A.   Improvement Plans. improvement plans in compliance with Section 16.108.140 (Improvement Plans);
   B.   Soils Report. A soils report prepared in compliance with Section 16.94.040 (Accompanying Data and Re-ports), if required by the city engineer:
   C.   Title Report. A title report showing the legal owner(s) of the subject site at the time of submittal of the final map, to be current within ninety (90) days:
   D.   Tax Certificate. A certificate from the county tax collector stating that all taxes due have been paid or that a tax bond or other adequate form of security ensuring payments of all taxes which are a lien, but not yet pay-able, has been filed with the county tax collector;
   E.   Deeds for Easements or Rights-of -Way. Deeds/instruments for off-site easements or rights-of-way required for road or drainage purposes which have not been dedicated on the final map. Written evidence, acceptable to the city, in the form of rights of entry or permanent easements across private property outside of the subject subdivision, permitting or granting access to perform necessary construction work and permitting the maintenance of the subject facility(s):
   F.   Traverse Closures. Traverse closures/calculations for the boundary blocks, easements, monument lines, parcels. and street centerlines:
   G.   Hydrology and Hydraulic Calculations. Complete hydrology and hydraulic calculations of all flood flows, retention facilities, and storm drains:
   H.   Governing Documents.
      1.   Common Interest Developments. The submittal of the final map for a common interest development in compliance with state law (Civil Code Section 1350 et seq.) shall include the proposed declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions containing the provisions provided by state law (Civil Code Section 1353), and all other governing documents for the subdivision in compliance with state law (Civil Code Section 1363), and containing all conditions of approval designated to be contained within the "Covenants. Conditions, and Restrictions."
      2.   Other Developments. The submittal of the final map for all subdivisions other than a common interest development shall include the proposed declaration of covenants, conditions. and restrictions.
      3.   Director's Approval. All documents shall be subject to review and approval by the director.
   I.   Guarantee of Title. A guarantee of title, in a form acceptable to the city engineer and city attorney, shall be issued by a competent title company to and for the benefit and protection of the city and shall be continued complete up to the instant of recording of the final map, guaranteeing that the names of all persons whose consent is necessary to pass a clear title to the land being subdivided, all public easements being offered for dedication, and all required acknowledgments, appear on the proper certificates and are correctly shown on the map, both as to consents and to the making, and affidavits of dedication where necessary;
   J.   Improvement Agreement. In the event drainage, grading, paving, sewer, water, or other improvements required in compliance with Chapter 16.108 (Improvements) have not been completed before the presentation of the final map, an agreement in compliance with Section 16.108.150 (Improvement Agreement) shall be filed for the required improvement(s). The subdivider shall secure the performance of the agreement in compliance with Section 16.108.160 (improvement Security). The agreement shall be in a form acceptable to the city attorney and approved by the city engineer;
   K.   Liability Agreement and Insurance.
      1.   Hold-harmless Agreement. A hold-harmless agreement obligating the subdivider to hold the city and its officers, agents, and employees harmless from any liability for damages or claims for damages for personal injury or death which arise from the operations of the subdivider and/or the subdivider's subcontractors, in connection with the subdivision, shall be submitted.
      2.   Certificate of Insurance. A certificate of insurance reporting to the city the amount of insurance the subdivider carries for the subdivider's own liability for damages or claims for damages for personal injury or death which arise from the operations of the subdivider or designated subcontractors in connection with the subdivision shall be submitted.
      3.   City as Additional Insured. The certificate of insurance shall name the city as an additional insured.
      4.   City Attorney Approval. The agreement and certificate required by this subsection shall be subject to prior review and approval by the city attorney.
   L.   Environmental Constraint Sheet. A duplicate of the final map on which are shown the environmental constraint notes. This sheet shall be filed simultaneously with the final map. and labeled "ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTRAINT SHEET" in the top margin. Applicable items shall be shown under a heading labeled "Environmental Constraint Notes." The environmental constraint sheet shall contain the following statement:
The environmental constraint information shown on this sheet is for informational purposes describing conditions as of the date of filing. and is not intended to affect record title interest. This information is derived from public records or reports. and does not imply the correctness or sufficiency of those records or reports by the preparer of this map sheet.
   M.   Additional Information. Additional data, reports. or information required by the city, in compliance with state law (Government Code Section 66434.2).
(Ord. 542 § 3, 2019; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)