Department of Public Safety and Service
129.01   Safety-Service Director; merger of office.
129.02   Subdepartments.
129.03   Police Department; composition.
129.04   Auxiliary Police Force.
129.041   Parking Enforcement Unit.
129.05   Fire Department; composition.
129.06   Firefighter's work hours.
129.07   Replacement clerks.
129.08   Fee for contour maps.
129.09   Safety-Service Director's residency requirements.
129.10   Emergency personnel residency requirements.  (Repealed)
129.11   Temporary patrolmen and fire-fighters.
129.12   Prevailing Wage Coordinator.
129.13   Acquisition of tax delinquent property.
129.14   Volunteer Peace Officers’ Dependents Fund Board.
Merger of Service and Safety Departments - see Ohio R. C. 733.03
Department of Public Service - see Ohio R. C. 735.01 et seq.
Department of Public Safety - see Ohio R .C. 737.01 et seq.
Police and Fire Departments - see Ohio R. C. 737.05 et seq.
Traffic Control Map and File - see TRAF. Ch. 305
Supervision of street openings - see S. U. & P. S.  901.03