General Provisions
   71.001   Equipment and condition of vehicles
   71.002   Operation of emergency vehicles
   71.003   Boarding or alighting from motor vehicles
   71.004   Riding on portion of vehicle not designed for passengers
   71.005   Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism
   71.006   Horns restricted in quiet zones
   71.007   Unnecessary use of horns, sirens, and loudspeakers
   71.008   Racing engines
   71.009   Clinging to moving vehicles
   71.010   Towing coasters or sleds
   71.011   Use of skates or toy vehicles in streets
   71.012   Carrying passengers on bicycles or motorcycles
   71.013   Hitchhiking
   71.014   The passing of items to or from the occupant of a motor vehicle on a roadway
   71.020   Spilling loads on streets
   71.021   Loads to be firmly attached
   71.030   Duty of driver in case of death or injury
   71.031   Duty of driver involving damage to attended vehicles
   71.032   Duty to give information and render aid
   71.033   Striking unattended vehicle
   71.034   Striking fixtures on or near a highway
   71.035   Report of accidents
Operation of Vehicles
   71.050   Reckless driving
   71.051   Persons using drugs or alcoholic beverages
   71.052   Operation prohibited when license suspended
   71.053   Driving too fast for conditions
   71.054   Speed limits to be observed
   71.055   Passing
   71.056   Overtaking on the left
   71.057   Overtaking on the right
   71.058   Limitation for overtaking on the left
   71.059   Following too closely
   71.060   Following fire apparatus
   71.061   Driving over fire hose
   71.062   U-turns
   71.063   Backing of vehicles
   71.064   Funerals and other processions
   71.065   Meeting, overtaking, and passing school bus
   71.066   Careless driving or riding
Turning and Starting Movements
   71.080   Turning movements
   71.081   Signals required
   71.082   Hand and arm signals
   71.083   Signals by hand, arm, or signal devices
   71.100   Approaching or entering intersection
   71.101   Turning left at intersection
   71.102   Entering through highway from stop intersection
   71.103   Entering through highway from private road
   71.104   Procedure on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   Bicycles, see Ch. 73
Statutory reference:
   Accidents and reports, see S.C. Code §§ 56-5-1210 through 56-5-1360