76.01   Prohibition against parking on highways
   76.02   Condition when motor vehicle left unattended
   76.03   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   76.04   Parking prohibitions
   76.05   Parking near curb; privileges for persons with disabilities
   76.06   Parking on private property in violation of posted prohibition
   76.07   Parking of unlicensed vehicles prohibited
   76.08   Unlawful display of vehicles
   76.09   Repairing vehicles on highway unlawful
   76.10   Conducting business from parked vehicle unlawful
   76.11   Revocable overnight parking privileges
   76.12   Prohibiting parking areas in front yards in residential zones
   76.13   Time limit for parking in municipal lots
   76.14   Truck and trailer parking
   76.15   Time limit for continuous parking
   76.16   Regulating parking at municipal park entrances
   76.17   Fire lanes on private property
   76.18   Snow emergency routes
   76.19   Allowing parking in a certain city owned alleyway
   Unclaimed and abandoned vehicles, see Ch. 98
Statutory reference:
   Noncriminal parking infractions, local option to create, see R.C. Chapter 4521