(A)   The Chief of Police is authorized to issue permits to city residents, granting them the privilege of parking passenger-type motor vehicles only on city streets. The issuance of these permits and the exercise of the privilege granted thereby shall be limited by the terms and restrictions of this section.
   (B)   Each resident of the city who wishes to obtain a permit for the privilege of parking his or her passenger-type motor vehicle on the streets of the municipality for periods of time longer than those presently permitted shall complete and submit an application to the City Manager on a form to be made available for that purpose. The completed application shall require certain information of the applicant, including a statement of the applicant's present possession or lack of parking facilities. On the basis of the information submitted by the applicant, the City Manager shall have the power to issue or deny said parking privilege to the applicant.
   (C)   Each applicant who is granted this parking privilege shall be issued a parking privilege sticker. This sticker shall be displayed prominently on the lower left corner rear window of the vehicle. The stickers shall be issued for a period of six months. The parking privileges so granted shall be exercised only in the areas where parking is presently allowed.
   (D)   The hours during which the special permit parking shall apply shall be overnight.
   (E)   The parking privileges provided for herein shall not apply to any street or portion of any street on which parking is otherwise prohibited.
   (F)   The parking privileges where granted shall be applicable only to the vehicle listed in the applicant's application, and for his use in the proximity of his residence as shown on the application. This privilege shall cease on the sale of the vehicle bearing the parking privilege, or on change of residence of the privilege holder. In either of these events, the privilege holder may make application to the City Manager for parking privileges for use in connection with a subsequently acquired vehicle or a different address.
   (G)   Any person who shall use the parking privileges contrary to the terms of this section, or who shall violate any other existing law of this city while exercising said privilege, shall be subject to immediate revocation of the privilege.
('74 Code, § 76.10) (Ord. 347-A, passed 5-21-68; Am. Ord. 547-A, passed 3-21-78)