Article I—Incorporation, Powers, and Form of Government
   Section 1.01   Incorporation
   Section 1.02   Powers
   Section 1.03   Form of Government
Article II—Council
   Section 2.01   Number, Terms, and Qualifications of Council
   Section 2.02   Compensation of Council
   Section 2.03   Meetings of Council
   Section 2.04   Role of the Mayor and Veto Power
   Section 2.05   Powers of Council
   Section 2.06   Ordinances and Resolutions of Council
   Section 2.07   Officers of Council
   Section 2.08   Organization, Rules, and Clerk of Council
   Section 2.09   Amending Legislation
Article III—Mayor
   Section 3.01   Term
   Section 3.02   Legislative Powers
   Section 3.03   Judicial Powers and Clerk of Courts
   Section 3.04   Other Duties
   Section 3.05   Compensation
   Section 3.06   Qualifications
Article IV—Manager
   Section 4.01   City Manager
   Section 4.02   Qualifications
   Section 4.03   Acting Manager
   Section 4.04   Mayor and Council Relation to the Manager
   Section 4.05   Powers and Duties
Article V—Administrative Officials and Departments
   Section 5.01   Conflict of Interest
   Section 5.02   Department of Police
   Section 5.03   Department of Public Works
   Section 5.04   Department of Fire and E.M.S.
   Section 5.05   Department of Law
   Section 5.06   Department of Finance
   Section 5.07   City Engineer
   Section 5.08   Building Inspector
Article VI—Boards and Commissions
   Section 6.01   Effect of Charter
   Section 6.02   Planning Commission
   Section 6.03   Civil Service Commission
   Section 6.04   Board of Zoning Appeals
   Section 6.05   Income Tax Board of Review
   Section 6.06   Recreation Commission
   Section 6.07   Charter Review Commission
   Section 6.08   Board of Health
   Section 6.09   Volunteer Firefighter's Dependency Fund Board
   Section 6.10   Urban Tree Commission
   Section 6.11   General Provisions
   Section 6.12   Vacancies
Article VII—Taxation and Borrowing
   Section 7.01   Fiscal Year
   Section 7.02   Budget
   Section 7.03   Appropriation Ordinance
   Section 7.04   Tax Levy
   Section 7.05   City Earnings Tax Limitations
   Section 7.06   Power to Incur Indebtedness
   Section 7.07   Purchases and Contracts
   Section 7.08   Expenditures
   Section 7.09   Annual Audits
Article VIII—Nominations, Elections, and Qualifications
   Section 8.01   Effect of State Law
   Section 8.02   Vacancies
   Section 8.03   Initiative, Referendum and Recall
Article IX—Merit System
   Section 9.01   Civil Service—Classified and Unclassified
Article X—General Provisions
   Section 10.01   Separability
   Section 10.02   Transitional Procedure
Article XI—Enumeration of Powers
   Section 11.01   Enumeration of Powers