Development Plan Review Procedures
1127.01   Intent.
1127.03   Development plan review required.
1127.05   Development plan process.
1127.07   Pre-application meeting encouraged.
1127.09   Development plan review procedures.
1127.11   Review by Architectural Reviewer required.
1127.13   Action by Planning Commission.
1127.15   Minor alterations approved by Building Inspector.
1127.17   Plan submission requirements.
1127.19   Criteria for reviewing preliminary development plans by the Planning Commission.
1127.21   Criteria for reviewing final development plans by the Planning Commission.
1127.23   Criteria for review by the Architectural Reviewer.
1127.25   Request for additional information.
1127.27   Simultaneous plat approval.
1127.29   Significance of an approved plan; plan revisions.
1127.31   Expiration of development plan approval.
1127.33   Equivalency provision.
1127.35   Appeals of decisions.
1127.37   Approval of development plan requiring variances.
1127.99   Penalty.
Certificates - see P. & Z. Ch. 1129