(a)   When reviewing final development plan applications for individually developed single-family detached dwellings or a use accessory thereto, the Planning Commission shall take into consideration the comments and recommendation of staff and consultants and shall review the proposal to determine that the proposal is not contrary to and complies with all applicable regulations in this Planning and Zoning Code and will not result in any material adverse impact to the site or surrounding areas.
   (b)   In reviewing final development plans for uses other than individually developed single-family detached dwellings, the Planning Commission shall review the development plan to determine if such application complies with the review criteria set forth below. The Planning Commission shall take into consideration the comments and recommendation of staff and consultants when reviewing the application.  In order to approve a final development plan, the Planning Commission shall determine that:
      (1)   The plan is consistent with any plan, including the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, or goals for the orderly development of the Village and, when applicable, conforms in all respects to the approved or provisionally approved preliminary development plan and the regulations of this Planning and Zoning Code;
      (2)   The appropriate use and value of property within and adjacent to the area will be safeguarded;
      (3)   The development will result in a harmonious grouping of buildings within the proposed development and in relationship to existing and proposed uses on adjacent property;
      (4)   Adequate provision is made for safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular circulation within the site and to adjacent property;
      (5)   The development will have adequate public service, parking, and open spaces, when applicable;
      (6)   The development will preserve and be sensitive to the natural and environmental characteristics of the site in a manner that complies with the applicable regulations set forth in this Planning and Zoning Code;
      (7)   The development will provide adequate lighting for safe and convenient use of the streets, walkways, driveways, and parking areas that is designed to minimize direct light, glare, and excessive glow, which unreasonably interferes with the use and enjoyment of adjacent property; 
      (8)   Points of ingress/egress to the development shall be controlled and designed in such manner as to minimize conflicts with adjacent properties and developments; 
      (9)   Adequate provision is made for emergency vehicle access and circulation.  Adequate provision is made for fire hydrants and fire fighting water supply;
      (10)   The proposed signs, if applicable: 
         A.   Are of an appropriate size, scale, and design in relationship with the principal building, site, and surroundings; and,
         B.   Adequately identify the use; and,
         C.   Are located to maintain safe and orderly pedestrian and vehicular circulation. 
      (11)   The landscape plan will adequately buffer adjacent uses, where applicable;
      (12)   The landscape plan will adequately:
         A.   Maintain existing trees to the extent possible, but in accord with Section 1173.05, Regulations for the Cutting of Trees;
         B.   Enhance the principal building and site; and,
         C.   Provide appropriate plant materials and spacing considering the  ultimate mature size and shape of plants relative to the buildings, use, site, and the climate of the area.
      (13)   Adequate provision is made for storm drainage within and through the site so as to maintain, as far as practicable, usual and normal swales, water courses and drainage areas, and shall comply with the applicable regulations in this Planning and Zoning Code, and any other design criteria established by the Village or any other governmental entity which may have jurisdiction over such matters; and,
      (14)   If the project is to be carried out in progressive stages, each phase shall be so planned that the foregoing criteria are complied with at the completion of each phase.  (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)