(a)   An approved final development plan shall become for the proposed development a binding commitment of the specific elements approved for development.  The approved final development plan may be transferred to another person, corporation, or group of individuals or corporations.  A request for such a transfer or change of ownership shall be presented to the Building Inspector and granted only if the new ownership entity satisfies the administrative, financial, legal and all other performance guarantees approved with the original, final development plan. 
   (b)   All construction and development under any building permit shall be in accordance with the approved, final development plan.  Any departure from such plan shall be cause for revocation of the Zoning Certificate and/or Building Permit, and the property owner or other responsible parties are subject to penalties as prescribed by this Planning and Zoning Code. 
   (c)   Modification after Approval. 
      (1)   Changes in an approved preliminary or final development plan shall be resubmitted for approval in accordance with this Chapter. 
      (2)   Approval of a modification or amendment to a previously approved final development plan under the terms and provisions of this Chapter shall not extend or alter the one (1) year time limitation established by Section 1127.31, which time shall continue to be measured from the date of approval of the original final development plan.
         (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)