When a minor alteration is proposed to an existing building, structure or site arrangement on a zoning lot otherwise subject to development plan review pursuant to Section 1127.03, the Building Inspector may approve the application, after consultation with the Architectural Reviewer, as specified in this Section.
   (a)   For the purposes of this Section, a Minor Alteration shall include:
      (1)   Small, incidental alterations of existing off-street surface parking lots or areas;
      (2)   Small, incidental construction of accessory structures beyond those that may be expressly approved by the Building Inspector pursuant to Sections1151.17 and 1153.25;
      (3)   Incidental additions or alterations to principal buildings on large zoning lots; and,
      (4)   Minor design modifications that will have no discernible impact on neighboring properties, the public, or those intended to occupy or use the proposed development.  (Ord.  2015-14.  Passed 5-13-15.)
   (b)   The Building Inspector shall review the proposal to determine that the proposal is not contrary to and complies with all applicable regulations in this Planning and Zoning Code and will not result in any material adverse impact to the site or surrounding areas.
   (c)   After reviewing the application, the Building Inspector shall:
      (1)   Approve the development plan as submitted; or,
      (2)   Deny the development plan when the application does not demonstrate that the required standards have been met.
         (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)