Development plans, including preliminary and final, shall be reviewed and distributed according to the following procedures:
   (a)   Review for Completeness. After receiving an application, the Building Inspector shall review the submitted application for completeness and compliance with the applicable submission requirements.  If the application is deemed insufficient, the Building Inspector shall notify the applicant of the necessary changes or additional information needed. When the application is deemed complete and the application fee has been paid, the Building Inspector shall officially accept the application for consideration of the action(s) requested on the date such determination is made and place it on the applicable agenda or declare the application a Minor Alteration, as permitted by Section 1127.15, if applicable.     
   (b)   Distribution of Plans and Consultant Fees. When the Building Inspector determines that the application for preliminary or final development plans is complete, the Building Inspector shall forward the application to the appropriate Village departments, the Village Engineer, and professional consultants for review and comment. Any reports, comments, or expert opinions shall be returned to the Building Inspector. 
The Village may retain consultants to review applications, with the reasonable costs for such consultation being borne by the applicant. 
   (c)   Transmission to the Applicable Reviewer, Board, or Commission.  For preliminary and final development plan reviews, the Building Inspector shall distribute the application for development plan review and any reports prepared by the individuals in sub-section (b) above to the applicable reviewer, board, or commission, prior to the time of the next regularly scheduled meeting. 
      (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)