The properly authorized agents of the city shall at all times have free access to the customer's premises for the purpose of inspection of the customer's installation and of examining, repairing or removing the city's meters or other property, and for such purpose the customer hereby authorizes and requests his or her landlord, if any, to permit such access to the premises. Should the city determine that any customer has blocked or otherwise prevented the city from accessing the water meter and that the city needs access to read the meter or disconnect water service, customer authorizes the city to remove any blockage to read the water meter or disconnect water service, including but not limited to, the towing of any vehicle blocking the water meter. Any costs associated with removing any blockage shall be paid by the customer.
('68 Code, § 7.08(a)) (Ord. 3533, passed - - ; Am. Ord. 2005-5208, passed 9-6-2005)