(A)   Upon application duly executed and upon payment in advance, the city will furnish one or more brass corporation stops and the necessary machine, tools and labor to tap the main, meter tile, meter tile cover and meter up to and including one-inch meter at the following charges:
For 3/4 inch line
$ 325
For 1 inch line
$ 425
For 1-1/2 inch line
$ 925
For 2 inch line
$ 975
For 3 inch line
$ 450
If a 3 inch line/meter is desired, the city shall make a 4 inch tap which the customer can reduce to a 3 inch line/meter.
   (B)   If larger than three inches service is desired, the hook-up shall be made by using a tapping sleeve and valve approved by the city, installed and supplied by the owner. For four- to six-inch and eight-inch taps, the city will tap the main for the following charges:
For 4-inch line
$ 440
For 6-inch line
$ 510
For 8-inch line
$ 550
   (C)   For larger than eight-inch taps, the owner will call in an outside firm which is approved by the city to tap the main at the owner's expense.
   (D)   All meters larger than one inch and all compound meters, including housing and cover, shall be provided by the customer and installed under the directions of the city.
   (E)   Meters which are in outside housing shall have U.S. type K copper, class 22 cast or class 2 ductile iron connections from the water main and shall have valves on the sides to facilitate removal. Three-inch or larger meters shall have valves on both sides and a bypass to facilitate removal. Meter housings shall be approved by the Superintendent prior to installation, and in general shall be sized to permit easy removal of the meter. Those which are subject to ground water shall have concrete floors and sump pumps. All meters, housing and cover upon installation shall become the property of the city.
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