Liability Insurance For Professionals
   39.01   Definitions
   39.02   Insurance required
   39.03   Amount of insurance coverage
   39.04   Filing requirements
   39.05   Prerequisite and condition of service agreements
   39.06   Contracts
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
   39.20   Purpose
   39.21   Definitions
   39.22   Use prohibited
   39.23   Types of testing
   39.24   Drug testing
   39.25   Alcohol testing
   39.26   Access to records
   39.27   Employee assistance program
   39.28   Information concerning the effects of alcohol and controlled substances use on an individual's health, work and personal life
   39.29   Disciplinary action
Gift Ban Act
   39.40   Adoption of Act
   39.41   Ethics Officer
   39.42   State Legislative Ethics Commission; complaints
   39.43   Existing ethics ordinance or gift ban ordinance
   39.44   Future amendments to State Gift Ban Act
   39.45   Future declaration of unconstitutionality of State Gift Ban Act
Social Media Policy
   39.50   Definition and statement of purpose
   39.51   Limited public forum
   39.52   Content restrictions
   39.53   Content removal
   39.54   Notice
   39.55   Time of use
   39.56   Accessibility
   39.57   Emergency notice
Interested Parties Registry Registration Rules for Redevelopment Project Areas
   39.60   Definitions
   39.61   Establishment of registry
   39.62   Maintenance of registry
   39.63   Registration by residents
   39.64   Registration by organizations
   39.65   Determination of eligibility
   39.66   Renewal and termination
   39.67   Amendment to registration
   39.68   Registries available for public inspection
   39.69   Notices to be sent to interested parties
   39.70   Non-interference
   39.71   Amendment of registration rules