Parking Generally
   72.01   Obstructional parking; double parking
   72.02   Manner of parking
   72.03   Limitations of stopping and parking
   72.04   Restrictions and prohibitions on designated streets
   72.05   Parking restricted to allow street cleaning
   72.06   All-night parking
   72.07   Parking on parade route
   72.08   Parking on off-street facility
   72.09   Owner responsibility
   72.10   Parking in parks
   72.11   Display of parked vehicles for sale
   72.12   Parking for persons with disabilities who have permits
   72.13   Stopping, standing, parking on city streets
   72.20   City tow lots
   72.21   Removal of abandoned or illegally parked vehicles
   72.22   Removal of vehicle by owner-operator
   72.23   Towing and custodian care charges
   72.24   Supplemental emergency wrecker service
   72.25   Reports by custodian of city tow lots
   72.26   Sale of vehicle
   72.27   Release of vehicle from tow lots
Snow Emergency
   72.35   Designated snow routes
Downtown Restricted Parking Areas
   72.40   Definitions
   72.41   Authority to establish meter zones
   72.42   Time limits; charges
   72.43   Control, operation, and use
   72.44   Parking within designated areas
   72.45   Disposition of meter revenue
   72.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Revenues from fees, fines, and forfeitures related to parking see KRS 65.120