Waste Collection
953.01   Definitions.
953.02   Collection and disposal of garbage and rubbish.
953.03   Duties of householders and persons in control of commercial, industrial, institutional and apartment buildings.
953.04   Hauling or transportation.
953.05   Garbage vehicle regulations.
953.06   Duties of City Manager.
953.07   Sanitation Fund established.
953.08   Fees and charges.
953.09   Uncollected garbage or rubbish declared a nuisance.
953.10   Garbage disposals.
953.99   Penalty.
Contracts with county garbage and rubbish disposal districts - see Ohio R.C. 343.08
Collection and disposal of garbage - see Ohio R.C. 715.43, 717.01
Employment of scavengers - see Ohio R.C. 3707.39
Disposal and transportation upon public ways - see Ohio R.C. 3767.20 et seq.
Vehicle loads dropping, sifting leaking - see TRAF. 339.08
Littering - see GEN. OFF. 521.08