(a)   The following shall be deemed unlawful acts and constitute Class Four misdemeanors.
      (1)   Diseased dogs and cats. For the owner of any dog or cat with a contagious or infectious disease to permit such dog or cat to stray from his premises if such disease is known to the owner;
      (2)   Female dog in season. For the owner of any female dog to permit such dog to stray from his premises while such dog is known by such owner to be in season;
      (3)   Removing collar and tag. For any person, except the owner or custodian, to remove a legally acquired license tag from a dog;
      (4)   Concealing a dog or cat. For any person to conceal or harbor any dog for which the license tax has not been paid, or to conceal a potentially rabid dog or cat to keep the same from being killed;
      (5)   Animal noise. No person shall own, possess or harbor any animal which continues for ten minutes or more in duration, to howl, bark or make other sounds which are audible and discernible in any other person’s residential dwelling with the doors and windows to that other person’s residential dwelling closed. All such complaints must be verified by an Animal Control Officer or a law-enforcement officer in order for a citation to be issued. The provisions of this section shall not apply to agricultural animals that are being kept as part of farming activity.
      (6)   False statements. For any person to make a false statement in order to secure a dog license to which he is not entitled;
      (7)   Failure to purchase a license. For any dog owner who is a resident of Loudoun County and its incorporated towns to fail to pay the license tax required by this chapter, for which offense, in addition to any other penalty, the court may order confiscation and the proper disposition of the dog; (Ord. Unno. Passed 10-17-60; Ord. Unno. Passed 10-6-64; Ord. Unno. Passed 7-5-77; Ord. Unno. Passed 5-15-78; Ord. Unno. Passed 9-18-78.)
      (8)   Dog waste. For the owner of any dog to fail to remove immediately the dog's feces from any property that is located: In any residential subdivision; or, adjacent to such residential subdivision, except:
         No action shall be brought under this paragraph for failure of a dog owner to remove the dog's feces from the premises of the dog owner, notwithstanding any contrary provision of law. This exception shall not apply to the common areas of a homeowner's association, condominium or apartment complex. (Ord. 88-18. Passed 12-19-88.)
         Complaints of violations of paragraphs (a)(5), (6) and (9) hereof shall be investigated by the Department or any law enforcement officer. If, after notification by the investigating officer, any person owning, possessing or harboring a dog or companion animal, which is the source of such complaint, fails to correct the condition complained of within a reasonable period of time, a summons for a violation of paragraph (a)(5), (6) or (9) hereof shall be issued to such a person.
      (9)   Other violations. For any resident animal owner or other person to commit any other violation of this chapter for which a specific penalty is not provided.
   (b)   It shall be a Class One misdemeanor for any person to present a false claim or to receive any money on a false claim under Section 612.15.
(Ord. 98-11. Passed 10-7-98; Ord. 17-04. Passed 2-15-17; Ord. 17-09. Passed 10-3-17.)