Abandoned, Inoperable and Unattended Vehicles
602.01   Short title.
602.02   Authority and purpose.
602.03   Definitions.
602.04   Enclosure, shielding or screening required.
602.05   Notice to owner to remove; noncompliance; remedy of County.
602.06   Impounding.
602.07   Notice to owner of impounded vehicle.
602.08   Sale of vehicle at public auction; disposition of proceeds.
602.09   Vehicles abandoned in garages.
602.10   Disposition of inoperable abandoned vehicles.
602.11   Surrender of certificate of title, etc., by demolisher; records.
602.12   Vehicles abandoned on private property.
602.13   Sale of personal property found in unattended or abandoned vehicles.
602.14   Removal of unattended and immobile vehicles; disposition.
602.15   Removal of vehicles left on private property; disposition; notice.
602.99   Penalty.
   Junkyards - see Code of Va. § 33.1-348
   Abandoned vehicles - see Code of Va. § 46.2-1200 et seq.
   Disposition of unclaimed property - see ADM. 228.04
   Unclaimed bicycles - see TRAF. 462.01, 462.02
   Removal of vehicles left on snow emergency routes - see TRAF. 466.06(d)