Any person who has any livestock or poultry killed or injured by any dog not his own shall be entitled to receive as compensation the fair market value of such livestock or poultry, not to exceed four hundred dollars ($400.00) per animal or ten dollars ($10.00) per fowl, provided that: (i) the Animal Control Officer shall have been notified of the incident within seventy-two hours of its discovery; (ii) the claimant has furnished evidence within sixty days of discovery of the quantity and value of the dead or injured livestock and the reasons the claimant believes that death or injury was caused by a dog; and (iii) the claimant first has exhausted his legal remedies against the owner, if known, of the dog doing the damage for which compensation under this section is sought. Exhaustion shall mean a judgment against the owner of the animal upon which an execution has been returned unsatisfied.
   The requirements of (i) and (iii) may be waived if the Animal Control Officer has investigated the incident and supports the claim. Upon payment under this section the County shall be subrogated to the right of action of the owner of the livestock or poultry against the owner of the dog to the extent of compensation paid, and may enforce the same in an appropriate action at law.
(Ord. 90-03. Passed 3-20-90; Ord. 98-11. Passed 10-7-98; Ord. 17-04. Passed 2-15-17; Ord. 17-09. Passed 10-3-17.)