TITLE TWO - Business Regulation
            Chap. 804.   Cable Television; Franchises. (Repealed)
            Chap. 805.   Cable Television; Franchising and Regulation.
            Chap. 806.   Cable Television; Conflicts of Interest.
            Chap. 807.   Concession Stands at Youth Activities.
            Chap. 808.   Dog Kennels. (Repealed)
            Chap. 809.   Open Video Systems.
            Chap. 814.   Gold and Silver Buyers. (Repealed)
            Chap. 820.   Massage Regulation. (Repealed)
            Chap. 824.   Outdoor Music Festivals. (Repealed)
            Chap. 825.   Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C- PACE) Financing Program. (Repealed)
            Chap. 826.   Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C- PACE) Financing Program.
            Chap. 828.   Peddlers and Solicitors.
            Chap. 830.   Pawnbrokers, Dealers in Secondhand Articles, Precious Metals or Gems, and Scrap Metals.
            Chap. 836.   Sunday Sales.
            Chap. 838.   Swimming Pool and Water Recreation Facilities.
            Chap. 839.   Going Out of Business Sales.
      TITLE FOUR - Taxation
            Chap. 840.   Business, Professional and Occupational License Tax.
            Chap. 842.   County Recordation Tax.
            Chap. 843.   County Probate Tax.
            Chap. 844.   Utility Service Tax.
            Chap. 848.   Special Assessment for Land Preservation.
            Chap. 852.   Motor Vehicle License Fee.
            Chap. 853.   License Tax on Owners of Certain Motor Vehicles and Penalty on Unregistered Vehicles.
            Chap. 856.   Mixed Beverage License Tax.
            Chap. 860.   Personal Property and Real Estate Tax.
            Chap. 862.   Tax Exemptions by Designation.
            Chap. 864.   Exemptions and Refunds Generally.
            Chap. 868.   Exemption for Certified Solar Energy Equipment.
            Chap. 870.   Exemption for Revitalized Real Estate.
            Chap. 872.   Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly or Totally and Permanently Disabled.
            Chap. 873.   Personal Property Tax Relief for Elderly or Totally and Permanently Disabled.
            Chap. 876.   Bank Franchise Tax.
            Chap. 878.   Transient Occupancy Tax.
            Chap. 880.   Short-Term Rental Property Tax.
            Chap. 882.   Loudoun County Fire and Emergency Medical Services Tax District.
            Chap. 884.   Cigarette Tax.
            Chap. 886.   Disposable Plastic Bag Tax.
            Chap. 888.   Real Estate Tax Classification of Property Owned by Surviving Spouses of Certain Persons Killed in the Line of Duty.