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   (Title and Section Amended by Ord. No. 186,703, Eff. 7/10/20.)
   (a)   DCR shall conduct Final Inspections in the manner as provided in the Rules and Regulations.  A completed application shall be referred by DCR for Final Inspection as provided in the Rules and Regulations.  All applicants must pass a Final Inspection prior to the issuance of a License.
   (b)   DCR shall conduct a community meeting via video or telephone conferencing or within the defined geographic area of the Area Planning Commission within which the Business Premises is situated.  At the meeting, DCR shall accept written and oral testimony regarding the application and then prepare a written report to the Cannabis Regulation Commission summarizing the testimony in favor and against the application.  Notice of the community meeting shall be provided as specified in Section 104.05(b).  This subsection shall not apply to an application for Non-Retailer Activity in a Business Premises less than 30,000 square feet or Non-Storefront Retailer Activity.  The Applicant shall pay the required Community Meeting Fee pursuant to Section 104.19(e).
   (c)   Within 10 days of receipt of the Notice of Complete application, the Applicant or a designated representative shall contact the Neighborhood Council and offer to appear before the Neighborhood Council to address questions about the application.  Written evidence shall be provided to DCR such as an email to the Neighborhood Council or a copy of their meeting minutes.